Loyalty Consulting Services

Build and successfully launch a winning loyalty strategy

By carefully planning and developing a loyalty strategy, an organization can set the stage for a highly profitable, customer-centric marketing initiative.To win the battle of long-term loyalty while consistently engaging consumers, organizations must plan an effective strategy supported with data, analytics, customer segmentation and targeted cross channel communications. This strategy begins with a best-in-class solution and is brought to life with world-class consulting services.

Build a loyalty solution that engages your customers wherever and whenever they want. Digital Experiences’ powerful combination of strategy, insights, software and services which are designed to help you make lasting connections with your customers with personalized, consistent cross-channel experiences. Post launch, enjoy full support with strategy, analytics and expert consultants well versed in loyalty and customer experience best practices, marketing trends and overall market forces

Our Loyalty Solutions Services include

Loyalty Strategy

We design the loyalty program keeping in mind

  • In depth need assessment and vision planning
  • Defining measurable objectives and key performance indicators
  • Determining the business and marketing requirements of all partners and stakeholders involved
  • Analysis of program customer value proposition
  • Building high level financial model to evaluate program strategy impact on ROI
  • Analysis of the competitive environment and customer management Initiatives

Customer Acquisition Strategy:

Acquiring new customers is a critical component of any loyalty program strategy. Whether it is in store or digital platforms, we create the right acquisition strategy for you to grow your customer base in short span of time.Add valuable customers to your base, build brand awareness and stay top of mind.

Data driven Insights:

Define the brand’s most loyal customer base — through data collection and analytics: How can a retailer determine which customers are the most valuable to their business and should be encouraged to engage in a loyalty program? Analyzing data gathered via loyalty and gift card programs can help. In fact, the combined information flowing from POS, e-Commerce systems and loyalty providers contains treasure troves of consumer insights.

With our best-in-class loyalty analytics and consulting services, we provide important insights that can enable retailers to increase basket size, shape marketing campaigns and identify their most valuable loyalty members based on spending habits and preferences.

Customer Engagement Strategy (Digital CRM)

Get to know your customers and develop your relationship with them over time. Our omnichannel creative approach is built on proven technology. We use predictive metrics to reach the right target via the best channel at the right time.

We’ll pinpoint when and where consumers are most likely to engage with your brand, and target those individuals with personalized content that drives results.

Customer Retention Strategy:

Reactivating members that appear to be no longer active is the final stage in loyalty program strategy. Although it’s important to attempt to reactive accounts, remember that it’s only worthwhile pursuing customers who used to be loyal and then became inactive rather than customers regardless of previous status. After all, a customer who was once a loyal and active member is far more likely to become reactivated than any other non-loyal customers.

Loyalty Performance Monitoring:

Like any marketing initiative, a loyalty program needs to be tracked, measured and benchmarked to determine whether an organization is reaping a return on its investment. However, many organizations struggle to decide which metrics should be used to properly gauge a loyalty program’s success

While KPIs vary from one organization to the next, there are some standard metrics that can be very pertinent to track overall program performance. Digital Experiences help you set the right KPIs and monitor these during different stages of operation.

Digital Experiences Loyalty Strategy Servicesbring about an array of benefits:

  • Unique customer loyalty program with strong business rationale
  • Focus on the ability to generate additional revenue for the brand
  • Clear program strategy statement with detailed action plan and measurable goals
  • Proper business knowledge to improve the Customer Value Proposition
  • Transfer of knowledge and best practices regarding program design and management
  • Program concept tailored to its target group.
  • Selection of effective communication channels to engage customers at each stage of the customer life cycle.
  • Higher customer retention rates

Digital Experiences is a promising firm, instrumental in providing loyalty consulting services in Dubai. We have experiences in building loyalty programs that have given us the opportunity to gather process knowledge, expertise, and learn all of the technical and analytical skills involved. With that information, we can support our client’s business at every stage of the development and management process for a loyalty program.

With the best loyalty consultants in UAE, we understand that developing and managing loyalty programs is a complex endeavor, and their success depends on many factors, such as:

  • High customer involvement and motivation
  • Optimized and well-designed processes
  • Attractive program concept and Customer Value Proposition
  • Ability to leverage the best available technology

We use the best practices, fresh industry insights and perspectives to build an optimum program operation model. We also offer systematic processes and program management tailored to businesses of any size or from any industry.

We are also known for offering the best Loyalty analytics in Dubai and customer retention strategy services in Dubai. Our customer loyalty analysis looks at all factors driving retention and conversion for each of our customer groups to determine the best possible approach to target and drive loyalty for each customer segment. We understand the long term value of each type of marketing communication, and its impact on each type of consumer is a primary focus area for the analysis. Our analyses deliver exhaustive insights on the lifetime value of different customer segments and identify how to drive customer retention for our clients. Rely on us to get the best solution for loyalty marketing in Dubai and loyalty consulting services in Dubai.